“Sonically, Canadiana, as it is revisited here by Berner and producer/multi-instrumentalist Paul Rigby [...] sounds sweet, rustic, countrified and yet at the same time, arguably more sophisticated and diverse than most Americana in its borrowing from Klezmer, rock and European folk, which all find their way into the collection.”
— Exclaim!

“...his protagonists are based on real people, but they’re compound figures,
not limited to a single source. More important is that his books chronicle a subculture that’s generally examined only fleetingly, in impermanent media such as radio shows and weekly magazines.”

— Georgia Straight

“Cherish him, cherish him, for there really is no one like him. Fantastic.”
— Billy Bragg
For the past 15 years or so, Jewish-Canadian accordion player/singer-songwriter/novelist Geoff Berner has travelled the world. He’s played in bars, cafes, festivals, and the occasional stadium. He’s performed in 17 countries, on national radio in 7 of them.

All over Canada, Europe, and America, Berner has garnered a sizable, passionate following of odd, bookish people who like to drink. He packs venues in places like Berlin, London, Oslo, Zurich, Seattle, Toronto, Edmonton and his home city of Vancouver.

With a new album, new book and upcoming tours of Canada, continental Europe, the Pacific northwest of the U.S., and Scandinavia, Berner is officially on a roll.
Photographer: Genevieve Buechner