Canadiana Grotesquica, the new album by Geoff Berner is officially out today on Coax Records , showcasing once again why he is an internationally renowned singer/songwriter, accordionist, writer, political activist and all-around weirdo.

Produced by Paul Rigby (Neko Case, Carolyn Mark), Canadiana Grotesquica is something of a departure for Berner. His previous five albums have been forays into the genre of klezmer/punk, which many credit him for originating. The new record is instead more of a country-tinged singer-songwriter affair, in the style of his first full-length We Shall Not Flag Or Fail, We Shall Go On To The End.

Songs like “The Ghost of Terry Fox” and “Rule of the Road” come with a melancholy twang, due in part to Rigby's additional contributions on guitar and pedal steel. "Hustle Advisory" features Frazey Ford on guest vocals, while violin parts throughout the album are supplied by Diona Davies, formerly of Po Girl.

Furthermore, a video for the song "
Gino Odjick ," a tribute to the former Vancouver Canucks fan favourite, has racked up over 6,000 YouTube views to date.

Canadiana Grotesquica is being released in conjunction with Berner's second novel, The Fiddler Is a Good Woman. A download code for the album will also be included with The Fiddler Is a Good Woman,  set to be published Oct. 14 by
Dundurn Press .  Berner will be touring the world following the album's official launch at the 10th annual Accordion Noir Festival at Vancouver's Russian Hall. Canadiana Grotesquica will be released in Europe this October on 9pm Records .
Just in time for Canada Day, the Big Day when Canada celebrates 150 years of officially being a country called Canada, Geoff Berner drops a brand new single: ​Hustle Advisory Canada 150 Remix, by Socalled.

“This song is my Canada 150 song. It takes all my horror at the corporate racist colonialism, broken promises, the degradation of humanity and the land that Canada today represents, plus my own complicity in it, and puts it in one catchy, dancey pop song. Yeah!” says Berner.

Hustle Advisory is Berner’s 1st new music since the release of his album “We Are Going to Bremen To Be Musicians”, which garnered rave reviews and made the German Critics Circle Best-Of List for 2015.

The song was originally cut with producer Paul Rigby (Neko Case, Carolyn Mark) for the  album “ Canadiana Grotesquica ”, out now on the COAX label, at a release show as part of the Accordion Noir Festival at the Russian Hall in Vancouver, followed by Canadian national and European tours. This single is a remixed version of the track on the upcoming album. The re-mix was done by Josh Dolgin, aka Socalled, a hit-making klezmer hip-hop artist who produced Berner’s previous 2 albums.

“Hustle Advisory” is a satirical romp, a funny, nasty little tune that advises in the refrain, “If you fuck with my hustle, I will get you if I can.” Socalled’s witty, tasty production makes the tune slip down easy, like a lysteria-tainted maple syrup freezey.

“Canadiana Grotesquica” will be part of a big year for Berner, because in addition to the new album, he’s putting out a new novel, entitled The Fiddler Is A Good Woman on Dundurn Press , of Toronto. Release date is October 14. Sean Michaels, Giller Prize-winning author of Us Conductors, says it’s a great book. So it must be. Each copy of “Fiddler” will come with a free download code, enabling the reader to access the full “Canadiana Grotesquica” album online.

“I’m hoping that this way, people who like my music will get into my writing, and vice versa,” says Berner. “And if they don’t, fuck ‘em!”

Happy Canada 150 Day, Everyone.